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I’m a SQL Server consultant based in the Netherlands. I’m a SQL Server MVP and I’m the co-founder and current chairman of the Dutch PASS Chapter and a member of the volunteer team for the Dutch SQL Saturday’s. I’ve done a whole lot of pure DBA work managing 100′s of servers and learning something new every day. These days I spend a lot of time on just a few servers containing some large databases and the better part of the day is spent with SSIS. In both roles I’ve been using Powershell a lot. I joke sometimes that I replaced myself with a powershell script when leaving the DBA role, but these days I automate so much that I have to watch myself and not actually do just that

SQL Server Container Instances via Cloudshell


Every now and then (actually, quite often now I think of it) I need to test code on a bunch of different versions of SQL Server. And I prefer those SQL Server instances to be fresh every time. Quickest way that works for me, fire up my Azure Cloud Shell and start a script. The script creates all containers asynchronously, takes about 15 minutes because it needs to pull them. First things first...



Gary Bargsley (b|t) is the host of this months T-SQL Tuesday #110 – ” Automate All the Things” The question he asks is easy: What do you want to automate or what automation are you proud of completing? My answer to that is simple, I’m a major contributor to the awesome Powershell library dbatools. What I’ve contributed to that library are commands that will help...

It’s been 30 years!


January 1st, 1989 was my first day at work for my first job in IT. You would think that everything was completely different 30 years ago. The advance in sheer computing power and the evolution of languages and frameworks had me think for a bit that this is the case as well. But actually, the difference is not that big! A “Point 4 – Mark 12”, this doesn’t exist anymore...

SQL Saturday Holland 2016


I’m a big fan of SQL Saturdays. I frequently speak at them and I’m part of the team behind SQL Saturday Holland.
This year (2016), the Data Discovery team from InfoSupport made a great video about our event.
I’m so proud to be a part of our event, can’t wait until we start planning the 2017 edition!

Managing Ola Hallengrens scripts with Powershell


I presented for the PASS Powershell Virtual Chapter on June 15th, 2016 It was an online session and it was recorded, the youtube video of it is here I figured out what was wrong with the two little demo fails. I was pressing F8 to only execute my selection but because of a CLS I didn’t see the error message. That function that I use to load a script from a relative path doesn’t work when you...

A fun way to learn about Database Corruption


For 10 weeks in a row now I’ve been participating in Steve Stedman’s “Database Corruption Challenge”. I’ve learned a ton of stuff and I was able to add some new scripts to my toolbelt because I needed them to solve the challenges. In the coming months I will be blogging about some of the interesting things I learned, I can’t do that just yet right now because...

Building a Monitoring System with Powershell Remoting


For people who have seen my presentation and are interested to play with the demo code. Please find the PDF of the presentation and the demo scripts here Pre-Requisites: Create a database called BlitzOutput and run sp_blitz, make sure it safes the result in a table called spBlitz like this: exec sp_blitz @OutputDatabaseName =’BlitzOutput’, @OutputSchemaName =’dbo’...

SQL Server 2014 PreCon at SQLSaturday Exeter 2014


With just a couple of weeks to go I wanted to emphasise something that is not completely clear from the title and abstract. It says that the session is for DBAs but that title is not complicated enough, it should read something like : “What’s new in SQL Server 2014 for (Involuntary) DBAs, (DevOps type) Developers, Large Site DBAs and ‘Every Other Size Site, for instance Standard...

Dutch Geek André Kamman's personal blog


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