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A fun way to learn about Database Corruption

corruptionchallengeshirt-300x336For 10 weeks in a row now I’ve been participating in Steve Stedman’s “Database Corruption Challenge”.

I’ve learned a ton of stuff and I was able to add some new scripts to my toolbelt because I needed them to solve the challenges.

In the coming months I will be blogging about some of the interesting things I learned, I can’t do that just yet right now because the final weeks is still running. I look forward to meet Steve in Seattle, where I’ll hopefully get a t-shirt for ending in the top 10.
(Which depends on my final submission which is underway as I write this).

Congratulations to my fellow participants, there are just a few who have been able to solve all of them.
And of course congrats to Rob Farley for winning!

Interested in trying this out yourself? The weekly challenge may be over but they are all still available for you to try out, here is the link:

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