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Month: March 2015

Building a Monitoring System with Powershell Remoting

For people who have seen my presentation and are interested to play with the demo code.
Please find the PDF of the presentation and the demo scripts here


  • Create a database called BlitzOutput and run sp_blitz, make sure it safes the result in a table called spBlitz like this:

exec sp_blitz
@OutputDatabaseName =’BlitzOutput’,
@OutputSchemaName =’dbo’,
@OutputTableName =’spBlitz’

You can get sp_blitz and lots of other cool stuff from

  • Unpack the 7z file to c:\remoting
  • Create the DBA database with tables, demo entries and sp’s with the db_database.sql script
  • Run Enable-PSRemoting in a Powershell window under admin rights to be able to remote to the localhost

Now you should be able to go through the 4 Demo scripts that I showed which are in the c:\remoting directory.

Let me know if you have any question, I welcome any feedback…
My contact details are in the PDF of the presentation which is in the zip file.

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